Trip Photos & Video

Every trip aboard the Rocketeer is unique in it's own way. Some groups are small and like a mellow vacation, while other groups like to party and fill their trips with action, adventure, and exploring. This page displays photos from all of our trips over the years. We remember every group, and we look forward to seeing everyone again. Send a link to this page to all your friends or share it on facebook so they can see how much fun a Caribbean vacation on board the Charter Catamaran Rocketeer really is.


The chef aboard the Rocketeer is always cooking up great meals for everyone on board.

Captain Glenn

Glenn Howell – Captain

Glenn Howell grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has sailed extensively throughout the Caribbean.  He’s been sailing since age 7, having raced, cruised, voyaged, taught, and coached sailing for many years.  He led a successful business career which included at various times manufacturing, management consulting, real estate development and investment, and internet based retailing.  He now splits his time between entertaining guests onboard Rocketeer, pursuing his remaining business interests, and working toward a simpler life.


Interior photos

The inside of the Rocketeer Charter Catamaran is roomy, and constructed with beautiful hardwood trim giving it a classic elegant look and feel. The main cabin and galley are plenty large, and the sleeping areas provide some privacy when needed.

Rocketeer catamaran interior
Rocketeer catamaran mid cabin rocketeer charter catamaran double bed