Award winning Chef Grassa will be your personal chef and nutritionist while on your sailing vacation aboard Rocketeer. We believe in eating wholesome tasty “home cooked” food.  Whenever possible we source our ingredients locally.  A variety of menu options are available depending on your preferences including South American, Mediteranean, Caribbean, and Asian dishes.  Chef Grassa was a culinary prize winner at the 2012 Charter Yacht Show in Tortola.  It is hard to describe just how good the food is on Rocketeer, and healthy too.  We make almost all of what we serve from scratch, including main dishes and desserts, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  By minimizing the use of cooking oils and using fresh ingredients we keep the calories down and the taste delicious.

“We are back , went thru NY at 25degrees.  Big change.  I lost 2.5 pounds. The food was so good, but I have been loosing a pound a week?  Not sure how you did it,  but thanks for the good eats, Grassa!”  Vince, North Carolina USA