Living off the Grid

Living off the grid is a reality on Rocketeer.  Our power is provided by two wind generators and four 120 watt solar panels.  We reduce consumption with LED’s on all running lights and wherever possible on interior lights.  In the Caribbean where it is both breezy and sunny almost all of the time, our wind and solar sources provide energy for water making, lighting, and refrigeration.  Everything we need to support our lifestyle off the grid!

Because our food is cooked from fresh ingredients, our trash is mostly bio-degradable.  We want good tasting fresh food, and we don’t like opening boxes or cans!

It sounds odd to say this, but Rocketeer is a sailboat.  Unlike many charter cats which often motor to windward because they are such poor sailing boats, Rocketeer is a joy to sail.  We operate our diesel auxiliary engines as little as possible.  No diesel means a more pleasant experience without smoke, noise, and vibration.

And we make our own water using reverse osmosis and a 5 micron filter….with solar and wind power.

We find that we use it very little, but just in case the wind and sun fail to cooperate, we have a diesel generator which also allows us to run the air conditioner in the rare event it is requested by our guests.