Trip Photos & Video

Every trip aboard the Rocketeer is unique in it's own way. Some groups are small and like a mellow vacation, while other groups like to party and fill their trips with action, adventure, and exploring. This page displays photos from all of our trips over the years. We remember every group, and we look forward to seeing everyone again. Send a link to this page to all your friends or share it on facebook so they can see how much fun a Caribbean vacation on board the Charter Catamaran Rocketeer really is.
beach scene

Incredible Caribbean Scenery

Here are some great photos taken from recent cruises around the area. Simply stunning. Click on the images to see them larger.


Image 5

Gourmet Food on Rocketeer

It is hard to describe just how good the food is on Rocketeer.  Almost everything we serve is made from wholesome fresh ingredients, locally produced whenever possible.  We don’t take shortcuts, we cook from scratch.  Chef Grassa was trained in Brazil, India, and Germany and can produce beautiful regional dishes with a Caribbean touch.  She creates wonderful flavors while keeping the calorie count down.  Click here to see a sample menu.  The food on Rocketeer is something you will remember.


D's First Cruise

Baby on Board

Some great memories of a recent charter in the Virgin Islands with a very young guest on board Rocketeer.



snorkeling striped fish


Snorkeling is one of the most fun island activities that everyone can enjoy. See everything from eels to barracudas to star fish to parrot fish.