Rocketeer Circumnavigation

Rocketeer will be leaving The Lesser Antilles for the Western Caribbean in March 2015 to commence our round-the-world tour. The first leg of the trip will be from the island of St Maarten to Curacao in early March 2015. We will be joined on this first leg of our journey by an adventuresome group of explorers from the UK. Subsequent ports we plan to visit in the Caribbean include Cartagena, San Blas Islands, and Panama. Stay tuned for more!

Rocketeer Adventure

crew in St Croix

Visiting the Islands

When on your Caribbean Sailing Vacation on our catamaran, Rocketeer, we never miss an opportunity to explore a new Caribbean island, visit with the locals, and check out the culture. Folks that sail aboard Rocketeer get to really experience a true Caribbean vacation, and see what it’s all about. This is not your ordinary Caribbean vacation. A Caribbean Sailing Vacation with us will be unique, fun, and an overall great experience. We take our local knowledge, and love for the sea and land to provide you with the Caribbean charter vacation of your dreams.


Snorkeling and Diving

The snorkeling and scuba diving is unmatched in this part of the Caribbean and is a popular activity while on your Caribbean Sailing Vacation. Guests aboard Rocketeer are lucky to have a crew that knows exactly where to go to see the most beautiful fish and amazing coral formations. Whether you are an avid diver or beginner snorkeler, we will be sure you see plenty of Caribbean fish and sea-life while on your sailing vacation with us.

rocketeer music vid

Rocketeer Music

Friends gather on Rocketeer for good times in the Virgin Islands.  Music by Patrick & Joe.


rocketeer swimming vid

Visitor from the Sea

Something nice happened today.  While we were swimming back from the beach Grassa saw a very large fish in the water.  She settled down when she saw that it was in fact not a fish but a mammal, and a curious one at that.  Her friend continued to circle the boat for almost an hour after she left the water, saying hello to her again and again.  It swam gracefully out along the chain approaching the anchor, back up the chain for a breath of air, around the stern and back to the chain again, and again….Perhaps a lonely male?  The most wonderful things happen to us down here.


yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach

There is nothing like relaxing and having fun in the Caribbean. It’s warm, the water’s warm, the sun shines, and there is so much to do. click the images to see them larger.




Kayaking from Rocketeer

Kayaking from Rocketeer is a great way to go exploring. Check out secluded beaches, reefs, coves, and more in a kayak.

Caribbean Lifestyle on our Caribbean Sailing Vacation

Enjoying the Caribbean lifestyle

There is nothing like relaxing and having fun in the Caribbean. It’s warm, the water’s warm, the sun shines, and there is so much to do.